Ways to Help.

Organizations can help:

  • Share our social media content (Facebook & Twitter).
  • Help promote our free services to your activist networks.
  • Reach out if your organization would like training on sustainable activism, compassion fatigue, conflict resolution, etc.
  • Reach out if your organization needs mediation support.
  • Consider partnering with us and/or donating to help keep our services available to activists in need. Email Admin@HelpActivists.org.

Groups can help:

  • Share our social media content (Facebook & Twitter).
  • Let activists in your group know about our support services.
  • Reach out if your group needs resources, support, or mentorship to be more effective.
  • Donate to help keep our activists support services free and available 24/7. Any amount helps!

Individuals can help:

  • Follow us on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Share our services & blog posts on your social media.
  • Donate if you can to help keep our activist support services free and available 24/7. Any amount helps!
  • Send us feedback on our services.

“Activist burnout and people choosing to eat animal products again are issues that should matter to all animal rights organizations. One of the movement’s biggest weaknesses is poor activist mental health.”

Pay it Forward.

Doing good can make you feel better.

We are often asked how people can thank us for the services we provide and the help we offer. The very simple answer to this is: keep taking care of yourself, keep fighting to help animals, and be there for others doing the same. Sometimes caring for others teaches us how to take care of ourselves and sometimes helping others can give us direction when we feel lost.

Everyone deserves support and yet, too many people struggle alone. If you’re in a position to pay it forward, please do. Help to make someone else’s day amazing. Help to make another activist feel appreciated and valued. Help to make the movement stronger. Even a simple act of self-love that makes you a better activist is a way to pay it forward.

“Whenever I don’t know how to save the world, I try to save a friend.”

Some ideas of how to pay it forward.

  • Send a thank you email / note to someone you appreciate but have never met
    • To an activist whose action has inspired you
    • To an author of a book that has helped you
    • To a musician whose song has motivated you
    • To a political prisoner who gives you strength
  • Send a thank you note to someone you know
    • The person who introduced you to animal rights
    • A family member who has been supportive of your choice to be vegan
    • A friend who has been there for you
    • A fellow activist who you admire
  • Write a positive review on Google or Facebook for an organization that helps animals
  • Prepare a card or gift for someone’s upcoming birthday
  • Get involved in other social justice issues that you’re passionate about
  • Make a donation; even a few dollars makes a difference