Self-Care Strategies: 100 Places to Start

Burnout/Mental Health


Below is a list of 100 self-care strategies. Self-care is not a word that we hear very often in animal rights communities. This seems ironic, given that burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary trauma are so prevalent among animal rights activists. Activist communities tend to prioritize action above self-care; the movement above individual activists; volume of work versus quality. These tendencies … Read More

Activist Burnout: Understanding, Preventing, and Healing

Burnout/Mental Health


‘Activist Burnout’ broadly encompasses all personally negative mental, emotional, physical, and behavioural changes caused by one’s activism, that in result hinder the effectiveness of that activist. It is common for activists to suffer from varying degrees of activist burnout, with a variety of symptoms, throughout their lifetime. One of the most important things activists can learn is how to use … Read More