Four Types of Revolutionary Activism



Below are the four types of revolutionary activism. The animal rights movement needs a diversity of tactics and approaches, and all four of these types of activism are needed. Understanding the differences among them can help you figure out which ones fit best with your life, resources, skill-set, and interests. Definition: action that seeks to change attitudes and behaviours. Outreach motivates … Read More

Outreach vs Direct Action



Most activists do a combination of outreach and direct action work. They may hand out vegan outreach literature occasionally and participate in protests/demonstrations for issues like fur, ending animal exploitation in the Shrine Circus, or shutting down Marineland. Even though many activists participate in both of these types of activism, they are distinct. When the outreach and direct action become muddled … Read More

Where to Outreach



Outreach is best when done somewhere that the audience is receptive and large, the tactic is novel, and the outreach can cover a high percentage of the population. Good locations include: When doing outreach at a university/college campus, weekday afternoons (especially Wednesdays) tend to be best. At highschools, leafletting at the end of the school day (usually around 3pm) on … Read More

Outreach: Targeting your Audience



Targeting your audience makes a huge difference. Outreaching to a group of obstinate meat eaters will likely be a negative experience for the activists and will yield very little. Outreach in a downtown core usually has mixed results, with some passersby being positive and some being negative. Outreaching at places like universities and high schools tends to be overall positive, … Read More

Dealing with Outreach Nerves



Nervousness is very common among new activists. We live in a culture that encourages political passivity and tries to repress progressive action, so it makes sense that doing activism would be a bit nerve-racking at first. The best way to get over nerves is just to get out there and try it. New activists are often worried about looking silly, … Read More

Effective Outreach



Radical means to strike at the root. Along with direct action campaigns, activist support, and effective organizing, outreach has the potential to make huge leaps toward total animal liberation. It is easy to imagine how widespread intensive outreach could lead to millions of new vegans and thousands of new activists. The more activists and vegans there are, the easier outreach will become … Read More