Direct Action Campaigns: Questions to Consider

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As we’ve written in other places (here and here), direct action campaigns require a great deal of time, resources, and planning. Direct action campaigns need to win. When we set an unachievable goal or fail to follow through on a campaign, we tell our opponents that we will go away if they just wait us out. An unsuccessful campaign is … Read More

Four Types of Revolutionary Activism



Below are the four types of revolutionary activism. The animal rights movement needs a diversity of tactics and approaches, and all four of these types of activism are needed. Understanding the differences among them can help you figure out which ones fit best with your life, resources, skill-set, and interests. Definition: action that seeks to change attitudes and behaviours. Outreach motivates … Read More

How to Create Change While Burnt-out

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Our goal is to provide you with the support and resources you need to avoid or heal from burnout. But with overwhelming animal abuse and exploitation; endless activist work; and poor support systems, it’s understandable why so many people experience compassion fatigue/burnout. When you’re feeling burnt-out, the solution is not to ‘just push through it.’ This will eventually make the … Read More

What to Expect from our Support Lines



For many, using our support lines may be the first step in reaching out for help and talking about these issues. There is no cookie-cutter experience with our lines; support is tailored to each individual and will vary a lot depending on where you’re at in your activism, what you want to talk about, and what issues you’re experiencing. When … Read More

Why Activists Need Support

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Animal activism is hard work. We see videos and pictures of animals being tortured, confined, and exploited. We hear stories of animals whose lives have been marked by pain. We see undercover investigative footage that time and again shows egregious animal cruelty. And often the people in our lives just don’t get it. Our friends and families eat meat in … Read More

Why Vegan?

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Veganism is an expression of animal liberation in action Vegans make the non-violent, healthy, and environmentally-friendly choice to avoid the consumption and use of any animal product or by-product, including meat, dairy, eggs, fur, and leather. Veganism is not about what we give up. It is about what we support. By going vegan, we make a stand for animal liberation. … Read More

Animal Liberation Education

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Activists need a schooling in radical animal liberation education. To be radical means to strike at the root of the problem; to radicalize would mean to make activists more effective. To become great activists, we need to educate ourselves and one another. We cannot rely on the formal education system to teach anyone what is needed for revolution (in fact, … Read More

Creating Safer Spaces



A safer space is one that strives to eliminate any oppressive actions, behaviours, and language. These include, but are not limited to racism, sexism, ageism, classism, ableism, transphobia, and heterosexism.       Note:  It is important to remember that priority must be given to the person who feels uncomfortable, offended or oppressed.  Everyone should be able to be comfortable within … Read More

How to Win Friends and Influence People

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Strong interpersonal skills are important in activism. Outreach is most effective when we can understand our audience and target our message and approach. Media stories and letters to the editor are more useful when we’re mindful of our audience. Animal rights groups and organizations are stronger when we can communicate effectively and when we convey our appreciation for one another. … Read More

Outreach vs Direct Action



Most activists do a combination of outreach and direct action work. They may hand out vegan outreach literature occasionally and participate in protests/demonstrations for issues like fur, ending animal exploitation in the Shrine Circus, or shutting down Marineland. Even though many activists participate in both of these types of activism, they are distinct. When the outreach and direct action become muddled … Read More