Four Types of Revolutionary Activism



Below are the four types of revolutionary activism. The animal rights movement needs a diversity of tactics and approaches, and all four of these types of activism are needed. Understanding the differences among them can help you figure out which ones fit best with your life, resources, skill-set, and interests. Definition: action that seeks to change attitudes and behaviours. Outreach motivates … Read More

Outreach vs Direct Action



Most activists do a combination of outreach and direct action work. They may hand out vegan outreach literature occasionally and participate in protests/demonstrations for issues like fur, ending animal exploitation in the Shrine Circus, or shutting down Marineland. Even though many activists participate in both of these types of activism, they are distinct. When the outreach and direct action become muddled … Read More

Problems with In-Fighting

Activism, Community


If you are active with an animal liberation group, you have probably witnessed in-fighting. Strategic differences or personality clashes that lead to a group disbanding, lead to animal rights groups gossiping about one another, and lead to people leaving the movement. The problem with in-fighting is that it accomplishes nothing. Instead, it: Governments, police, and evil corporations have historically used … Read More

Animal Rights Action: Organizing Your Own



Organizing your own action can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have people around you to join in. But these barriers shouldn’t stop you from getting active and making change for animals.   We are always here to support you in any way we can. Connect with us if you need support for your action or want to debrief afterwards. … Read More