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Services for the people who help animals. Making activists healthier, happier, and more effective.

24-hr Email Support

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24-hr Online Chat

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24-hr Texting Support

Canada: 416-699-7720
USA: 818-960-3929

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Daily Email Affirmations

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All Animal Activist Support Line Counselors are passionate animal activists and receive in-depth training.
free | confidential | anonymous | non-judgemental | 24/7

Service Details

24-hr Texting Support.

United States: 818-960-3929

You can text us any time of day or night and we will get back to you within 30 minutes (usually much sooner). The texting line is confidential and fast. There are many times where you might need a bit of support but aren’t able to call in. Text support is for these times, where you can get support quickly and confidentially no matter where you are.

You will always have the option to remain anonymous. We do not ask for identifying information and we will never share your information with anyone. We are here to provide support and information

No matter how big or small your problems/questions are, we are here. You can text for information, you can text us because you feel alone or hurt, you can text us because you need a friend, or you can text because you want to be heard. What ever the reason, we will be here.

24-hr Email Support.

You can email us any time of day or night, and will get back to you within 6 hours. Email support allows you to write longer messages than you could by text and makes it easy for us to share resources.

As with all of our support services, you have the option to remain completely anonymous. We do not ask for personal or identifying information; all emails are kept confidential and are not shared with anyone. If you opt to remain anonymous, you can use services like GhostMail for better security and anonymity.

24-hr Online Chat Support.

Online chat is a convenient, quick, and anonymous way to get support, get resources, or ask a question. We respond to all messages within 30 minutes. You can reach out for support working through a problem; for someone to vent to; for suggestions on how to get connected to the animal rights community; for ideas on how to make your activism more effective; etc. We're here for issues big and small!

Daily Email Affirmations.

You deserve to take some time every day to practice self-care. These daily email affirmations (featuring cute animals) can help remind you to take that time. And they might just bring a smile to your face.

Confidentiality & Anonymity.

We automatically delete all text/email/chat support messages immediately after responding. Under no circumstances do we willingly hand over information to law enforcement or any other third party; we fight any court subpoenas for information and do not keep records of your personal information. We ask that activists seeking support refrain from discussing potentially ‘illegal’ actions and that they refer to other activists using pseudonyms where appropriate. Activists should always be concerned about security and their rights, but we work to ensure that these concerns do not prevent activists from accessing the support they need. This is why maintaining privacy, optional anonymity, and data security is so important to us.


Check out a list of frequently asked questions hereYou can also send us an email at


“I feel a lot more comfortable texting than talking on the phone, so text support was perfect for me. It’s an amazing resource.”
“Sometimes it helps to just write on end about what I’m going through and then have someone read it in an email. It takes a weight off. It makes me feel less alone and less overwhelmed.”
“I was feeling stuck in my activism. I’m now excited to revamp it!”
“I always thought that a ‘good activist’ puts the animals first, no matter what. Animals are still my first priority, but now I understand that being kind to myself makes me a better activist. I don’t have to sacrifice my mental or physical health for activism- I can and should have both.”
“I had a lot of shame about feeling burnt-out. When I finally talked about it to someone who understood, it took a huge weight off. I’ve been able to start to work through it.”