Online Chat Support.

24-hr anonymous online chat support available to animal rights activists. Chat with us about:

  • Unsupportive friends/family
  • Your activism: working through a problem or making it more effective
  • Feelings of activist burnout
  • Feeling depressed, lonely, anxious, or isolated
  • An upsetting picture or video of animal cruelty that you saw
  • …and more.

You can expect a response within 30 minutes. Find out more about our other services here.

“I never thought that I would be able to talk to anyone about how I was feeling – I felt so guilty. When I wasn’t able to ignore it anymore, I tried this chat support and it was so much easier than I thought. I really liked that I got to feel in control: I didn’t have to give my name or any contact info, they didn’t pressure me to talk about anything, and I got the end the conversation whenever I wanted.”