“Where do I even start?”

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where to start

“How does this line work? And where do I even begin?” It’s a common question we get and an understandable one. People often don’t know where to start when they reach out to our support lines. Most of us aren’t used to reaching out for support. It can feel intimidating, emotional, or overwhelming to start talking about how we’re feeling. … Read More

What to Expect from our Support Lines



For many, using our support lines may be the first step in reaching out for help and talking about these issues. There is no cookie-cutter experience with our lines; support is tailored to each individual and will vary a lot depending on where you’re at in your activism, what you want to talk about, and what issues you’re experiencing. When … Read More

Why Activists Need Support

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Animal activism is hard work. We see videos and pictures of animals being tortured, confined, and exploited. We hear stories of animals whose lives have been marked by pain. We see undercover investigative footage that time and again shows egregious animal cruelty. And often the people in our lives just don’t get it. Our friends and families eat meat in … Read More