Animal Liberation Education

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Activists need a schooling in radical animal liberation education. To be radical means to strike at the root of the problem; to radicalize would mean to make activists more effective. To become great activists, we need to educate ourselves and one another. We cannot rely on the formal education system to teach anyone what is needed for revolution (in fact, the formal education typically system represses action). The responsibility is ours to learn, teach, and grow with each other into the revolutionary force needed for total animal liberation. Never let your school get in the way of your education.

Read, watch videos, attend trainings, enroll in classes, participate in discussions, take a journal, get a mentor, create, express, synthesize, and teach what you have learned. Become a better activist through constructive criticism and constructive discontent.

Suggested Books

  • Making A Killing
  • The Dreaded Comparison
  • Wild Animals in Captivity
  • Neither Man nor Beast
  • Terrorists or Freedom Fighters
  • Becoming Vegan
  • Eternal Treblinka

Suggested Articles

  • Pacifism as Pathology

Suggested Songs

  • Offending Article by the Poison Girls
  • 40 Year Old Vegan by Chokeules
  • One Species by xTrueNaturex
  • Be Healthy by Dead Prez
  • Youth of a Modern World by Justin Sane
  • Apparently, I’m a ‘P.C. Fascist’ (Because I Care About Both Human and Non-Human Animals)
  • Behind the Mask by Goldfinger

Suggested Videos

  • Earthlings
  • Direct Action and the Politics of Nature
  • Behind the Mask
  • Slaughterhouse: The Task of Blood (BBC)

Suggested Websites