About Animal Activist Support Line.

We help animals by providing free, 24-hr, anonymous, and confidential support to animal activists. Our services are for anyone passionate about making change for animals. Whether you're a longtime activist, brand new to advocacy work, or just starting to adopt a compassionate veg lifestyle, we are here to support you.

These support services work to prevent activist burnout and to reduce recidivism among vegans/vegetarians. Making the animal rights movement stronger, more effective, and more sustainable.

We’re here to help with

  • Burn-out & compassion fatigue
  • Depression, anxiety, isolation, & stress
  • Unsupportive friends/family
  • Difficulty transitioning to a veg lifestyle
  • Activist in-fighting
  • Concerns about effective activism

We can provide

  • Non-judgmental support
  • Crisis intervention & support
  • Help getting involved in animal rights
  • Self-care strategies
  • Resources about effective activism
  • Answers to questions

"I realized that I am not alone in my struggles and that asking for help & taking time to practice self-care makes me a better activist. It means that I will be more effective in fighting for animal liberation."

Founding Story.

Ellie Donohue-Miller

Ellie Donohue-Miller

Ellie is an animal liberation activist and professional counselor. She founded the Animal Activist Support Line to help activists avoid and overcome burnout. See her website at www.IamEllie.org.

Ellie went vegetarian at 10, vegan at 14, and became a passionate activist at 15. She has spent nearly a decade fighting for animal liberation and training other young activists. Ellie is also a professional counselor. She has worked with a handful of sexual assault centres and non-profit organizations, and also founded The Brock Sexual Violence Support Centre, where she launched and manages the organization's 24-hour support services.

Our tech support.

Ellie Donohue-Miller

Em Heppler

Em is the leading tech support gnome on the project. He designed this site with Ellie and he maintains the tech side of things. He's an animal activist and social worker with a nerdy alter ego. See his website at www.EmHeppler.com.

Em went vegetarian and then vegan at 14. He graduated from University with honours at 19. He is a dedicated activist, mentor, strategist, geek, brother, uncle, polymath, and generally ineffable. His main work focus these days is to address the rate of recidivism among vegetarians and vegans.

Donate Now.

The Animal Activist Support Line is a non-profit service run by volunteers and is currently being funded by our volunteer counsellors. Please consider donating to ensure that support is always available to activists. Recurring monthly donations are particularly needed: they provide stable funding and allow for consistent service-delivery.

We need your help to sustain this important initiative