New Support for Animal Rights Activists

New 24/7 Support for Animal Rights Activists

Animal Activist Support Line

The Animal Activist Support Line provides 24-hr text, email, and chat support to help the people who help animals. These services can help activists sustain their work to help animals, avoid and heal from burnout, and feel happy and fulfilled in their activism. All services are confidential, anonymous, and free. Read more about these services.

When you feel…

  • Overwhelmed or frustrated
  • Angry or alone
  • Discouraged
  • Stuck in your activism
  • Depressed or anxious

We can help…

  • Give you someone to vent to
  • Provide self-care tools
  • Connect you to the community
  • Answer questions
  • Give you resources

Ways to help.

We need your help to sustain this important initiative.
The Animal Activist Support Line is a non-profit service run and funded by volunteers counsellors. There are many ways that people can contribute to the growth and success of this project.

Ways to help